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Peak Bloom Season Has Arrived !!!

  We are pleased to share the arrival of our Daylily Peak Bloom Season for 2018.  This is the time of the year where visitors will have the ability to view the largest selection of the daylilies we grow, in beautiful bloom; and we estimate over 1500 varieties available to enjoy now.  If you can only visit us once in a season, now is the time to come out and truly enjoy these works of art which we look forward to sharing with our returning visitors and customers, as well as the general public, year over year.

Farther down this page you will find our regular hours posted two weeks out, we do this so visitors can plan their visit; as always however we can accommodate personal appointments if you contact us in advance. 

We just returned from the AHS 2018 National Convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The good news is we have some great additions to the garden as this is also a buying opportunity for us; pictures can only show you so much, for us we want to see the plant habit as well. 

Gardens Buffalo Niagara is the lead organization for all the garden events taking place in Western New York, and their program is now in full swing with various events; visit their website or pickup a handbook to see all the events available during the season.  One of those events will be the Hamburg Garden Walk, where again this year we will be a vendor at the event so stop by and visit us; and remember that our Display Garden/Nursery is only minutes from Memorial Park.

One listing you won't find on the Gardens Buffalo Niagara website or in their handbook is ours.  As a commercial Display Garden and Nursery, we are restricted from participating in this event as a listed garden destination, but we have never let that stand in the way of visitors enjoying the Largest and Premier Daylily Display Garden in the Buffalo/Niagara Region; as in past years whenever we're open, it's "Open Gardens" and everyone is welcome to visit.

What we recommend is that you like and follow us on Facebook, as that is the site where we can communicate with the largest group of people, and we always keep everyone apprised when bloom season begins, and at all seven bloom points during the year...especially Peak Bloom.

Just a reminder for first time visitors, allow sufficient time for your visit.  You can take as long as you wish if you are just viewing the gardens, but if you do wish to place an order keep in mind that it will add some time to your visit.  We normally don't have helpers on regular days, and we usually dig your order while you wait; although it is common for people to order and go grab some lunch, or order for pickup on a different day.     We do however have a good selection of daylilies in pots ready to go out the door if you are pressed for time; we always find a way to work with our customers to meet their situation.

Also as we enter the full swing of Summer gardening in Western New York, don't pass on the opportunity for events hosted in our area especially those by local regional clubs, like the Buffalo Area Daylily Society, the Finger Lakes Daylily Society, and the Ontario Daylily Society, all daylily centric.  Or those by other organizations such as the Western New York Hosta Society, or the myriad of clubs under the banner of District 8 Federated Garden Clubs Of New York.

Watch our event listing both here and on our Facebook page, where we will start posting various activities we think are of interest to our readers, and feel good about recommending.  Keep in mind that some have cutoffs on attendees, and most all have early bird pricing for registration and lodging.

Also, if you aren't already, we encourage you to join the Americian Hemerocallis Society (you can find the link farther down this page), and also link up with a local club in your area.  To find one in your area, cut and paste this link in your browser:  (  Not only do you have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, but it's a great opportunity to share garden experiences with like minded people.

As a reminder as birthdays and other holidays, our Gift Certificates are available for purchase year round, and are available here in paper form, by mail, or by e-mail where you can print it yourself.  Also if you are a professional in a field and looking for that perfect gift for a client or associate, a Gift Certificate allows them an opportunity to pick a special daylily which they will always enjoy and associate with you; of course we also can provide a potted daylily for presentation as well.  Our certificates are available in any denomination, never expire, and are good on purchases of items from our Gift Shop as well as plants.  We have a nice selection of home and garden decor, with an extensive display of candlelight gifts, including Kincaid Garden Markers which we use here in the Display Gardens.

So as we finally open for the 2018 Garden Season, we plan to have some special opportunities in store for all our visitors, but especially our repeat customers and Facebook followers.  If you want to be one of the first to learn of these opportunities and events, you need to follow us on Facebook, as that will be the primary platform we will use to promote what's happening throughout the year, offering deals not found elsewhere.

If you want a preview of what's in store when you visit, we have albums posted of daylily images taken here at our garden, and these can be currently found on our Facebook page, and the albums are by alphabetical order.   Just click the "Photo" tab on our Facebook Page, or by clicking this link "2018 Daylily Albums", and you want to view the albums which are titled "2018 Catalog Images - Complete", which are in alphabetical order.

We are featuring over 2000 AHS Registered cultivars for you to enjoy this season, and it is always been our goal to present our visitors in particular, and the community as a whole with a destination garden experience; where we can feature our unique Gallery Of Garden Artistry for all to enjoy.  We are pleased and honored to feature the works of over 300 Hybridizers spanning 76 years of dedication and creativity.

You can find our hours posted below, but they can also be found on our Facebook page and Google.  When planning for next season, remember we always recommend at least three visits a year: Late May through June for the Early Blooms, July to Mid August for Mid-season Blooms, and Mid August through October for Late Blooms and Rebloom.  We will post as the Bloom Seasons change, and if you are limited to just one visit, don't miss Peak Bloom Season during July; of course you are always welcome to visit as often as you like, and are encouraged to share your experience with a friend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ***************************************************************************************                                                                                                     

Our Hours For This Week:

                     July 16th through July 22nd:  Monday & Tuesday - Closed
                                                                     Wednesday & Thursday - 11 AM to 5 PM
                                                                     Friday & Saturday - 10 AM to 6 PM
                                                                     Sunday - 10 AM to 5 PM

*** On Sunday July 22nd, we will be hosting the Annual Buffalo Area Daylily Society "Daylily Day" event from 11 AM to 2 PM.  While we will be open to the public, with a larger group in attendance it will affect how fast we can dig orders that day; many visitors however enjoy the ease of viewing the gardens, and selecting plants for pickup on a later date when they have their gardens ready to plant.
*** BADS Members will have special activities, discounts, and food available to them that day, but it's not too late to become a member and fully join in the festivities.  Just visit our Facebook Page, and click the link under the events heading for contacts and information.

Our Hours For Next Week:

                     July 23rd through July 29th:  Monday & Tuesday - Closed
                                                                     Wednesday & Thursday - 11 AM to 5 PM
                                                                     Friday & Saturday - 10 AM to 6 PM
                                                                     Sunday - Noon to 5 PM

*** On Saturday July 28th & Sunday July 29th we will be hosting our first ever "Seedling Sale Event"; visit our event listing post on our Facebook page for complete information.
  •                                                 ***************************************************************************************


We are currently scheduling 2018/2019 speaking engagements for Garden Clubs and other groups.  We can either come to your venue, we can host you here in the gardens, or a combination of both.  We offer a varied selection of program which can accommodate the need of your organization; contact us for details, openings are limited and can fill quickly.

          We are now booking club/group dates for Peak Bloom Season 2018/2019 which tend to fill up fast;                      lock in your preferred date soon !!!                                     



Looking for something different for your monthly meeting, we are able to host your group in our outdoor setting.  You provide your regular amenities, we provide tables and seating.  After a short welcome to your group by us, you continue with your scheduled meeting and program; and afterward your members are welcome to enjoy the gardens, ask us questions, or shop if they wish.



If you are an amateur or professional photographer or artist, we offer an excellent venue for landscapes, still life subjects, portrait scenes, and macro photography.  You are welcome to stroll our gardens during regular hours, or call us if you have a special circumstance which requires a different time.



We continue to have our first catalog photo directory available.  These are photos we have taken here in our garden, and are a true representation of how each cultivar will display in our climate zone.  Just click "Catalog Photos" in the header bar to view the current album.

We have added to this first album, and have those new images available on our Facebook Page.  In time we will have an image of everything we grow available for viewing.  If there is a cultivar we have listed in our catalog, but no image as yet, please use AHS Daylily Database, where you will likely find a picture of that daylily.  If by chance it is not posted there, contact us and we will obtain an image for you.




Here at Lasting Dreams we certainly have an appreciation for all flowers, but a passion for daylilies.  If you share that passion, or just want to learn more, consider joining the American Hemerocallis Society.

Although the basic AHS website is available to everyone, membership brings you access to member portals, events, and a beautiful series of color publications:  all for only $25 per year.

The FREE part...when you join you will receive a voucher valued at $25, which can be redeemed at any AHS listed grower, of which we are one. To learn more click  AHS MEMBERSHIP.




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*********************************************************************************************     Our Country Farm Garden is located in Orchard Park, New York,                                                                                               and is adjacent to US Route 219, a Scenic Byway, and easily accessible by major highways.                                              Our five acre property is easy walking for all ages,                                                                                                                              and we can accommodate parking for any type of vehicle from bicycle to bus.                                                                   Groups are welcome with advance notice.

For 2018 we will be featuring over 2000 AHS cultivars and hundreds of seedlings.                                                                We are a NYS licensed and inspected nursery, also featuring a gift shoppe.                                                                                         

   If you have visited us in the past, and still have your catalog marked with your favorites that were only on display, it is likely that your wait is over since we are making hundreds more display plants available for sale.  If you have had your eye on that special daylily, contact us soon so we can make arrangements to hold that plant on "layaway", since on many, quantities will be limited.  The same holds for new customers viewing our current catalog.  If you see any flower marked with a "DISP", contact us as to availability and price, as we may have those cultivars available later in the season.

  As always, we appreciate your patience, as the website is always a work in progress.  And also remember, we love to share our passion and knowledge; please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


We apologize if you go to use a link, and find it doesn't take you to the site indicated.  We don't know why these links are no longer active, but feel it has to do with the shoddy web hosting company we currently have.  Very soon we will be changing to a new host, and will have a fully revamped website; we thank you for your patience.


We are Members of: 
           - Hamburg House and Garden Club / Eighth District Federated
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             - Finger Lakes Daylily Society
             - Ontario Daylily Society
             - Canadian Hemerocallis Society
             - American Hemerocallis Society
             - Western New York Hosta Society
             - New York Farm Bureau

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