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July 7th @ Noon to 5 PM - Sunday In The Garden #1

July 21st @ Noon to 5 PM - Sunday In The Garden #2

August 4th @ Noon to 5 PM - Sunday In The Garden #3

            We have concluded postings of our 2024 Photo Series on our Facebook Page,                           and they will continue to be available to all our viewers through next year.                 Join us on Wednesdays as we continue to post Landscape Images, taking us into July.       Click Here to link to our Page.

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We are a NYS Licensed Nursery & Grower located in Orchard Park, New York.  Since 2005 we have been field growing a diverse selection of Daylily (Hemerocallis) Cultivars, with a focus on hardiness, great plant habit, and garden presence.

With a collection of over 2000 AHS Registered Cultivars, complemented with our own Daylily Registrations plus those under evaluation, we offer the largest selection of daylily plants in the Buffalo-Niagara Region, and one of the largest collections available in New York State.

We also feature a Private Display Garden as well as an onsite Gift Shoppe, with additional amenities available for our guests.  We offer an Acre of Flowing Beds of Daylilies, combined with wide pathways on gently sloping grounds, surrounded with additional acres of evolving landscape and plantings, with shaded seating throughout.  The garden and surrounding grounds incorporate a wide selection of herbaceous plants, as well as featuring over 100 specimens of trees and woody shrubs, in various stages of development for guests to enjoy.

Our Nursery Selections are primarily available by Mail Order or Online/Email Ordering, using our Order Form posted below.  Orders are available by scheduled pickup here at our Nursery, or by USPS delivery to your address, and we currently ship throughout the USA. 

We do however host a series of "Special Events" throughout the season here at our Nursery, which allows for our Guests, both customers and visitors, an opportunity to enjoy access to the grounds including the "Display Garden" , as well as the "Gift Shoppe" and other amenities we have available; a link to those event dates is available at the top of this page. These events also allow for individuals to place orders for later pickup or shipping, or to avail themselves of the Special Offers available, including Cash & Carry plants.  

These events are scheduled to coincide with the various Daylily Bloom Cycles, and afford those attending an opportunity to view the individual cultivars we grow closeup; these events also allow for those desiring to place orders for later pickup/delivery, make notes for the following year, or to simply enjoy the beauty the garden has to offer.

We continue to host sanctioned Clubs, Organizations, and Tour Groups who wish to visit; note that our "Peak Bloom Season" starts in July, and available tour dates can fill quickly.

If you have any questions regarding our Nursery, or to inquire about a Group Visit, e-mail us at LastingDreams@verizon.net, or call us at (716) 648-4920


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2024 Catalog Photo Albums  

 2024 Full Catalog - (PDF)

Extra Early Catalog / Early Catalog / Early Midseason Catalog

Midseason Catalog / Midseason Late Catalog / Late Catalog

Very Late Catalog

 Order Form (New For 2023)

The link to our "Photo Albums" will take you to our main Facebook Page, where you can view thousands of images of daylily cultivars, all taken here at our Nursery, and presented in alphabetized albums.

The link to our "Full Catalog" will provide you with our 69 Page catalog in PDF Format; easily downloaded for viewing, or printing if you wish.  This comprehensive resource provides specifications, descriptions, as well as pricing for all the cultivars we grow.       The notation "DISP" means that we have limited availability,       but if interested we can check quantity and quote a price.         The notation "ASK" are on Seedling Plants, which are non registered;all are unique and one of a kind plants, not available elsewhere, and price is determined by quantity.

New for 2024, we've made it easier to shop, by providing sectional catalogs as well, organized by bloom season.

The link to our "Order Form" is also in PDF Format, which does allow for plain printing, or a "Fill & Print" option if you have Adobe Reader.

We can also accept order requests by Email: LastingDreams@verizon.net



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2024 - Ordering Daylilies From Our Catalog

2024 - Ordering Daylilies In Person / Special Events & Group Tours

2024 - Information For Customers Outside The USA

 2023 - Sales, Discounts & Promotions

2023 - New Order Form / Payments & Shipping


       We fully understand that many people are leery of social media, including Facebook; however if you need a good reason for joining, it's for what you can enjoy visiting our page, or joining our groups.

Our 2024 Photo Albums featuring Daylilies we grow here at our Nursery, can be found on our main Facebook Page, or use the link posted above. We have also completed posting the series of our own daylily introductions, including seven for 2023; these images can also be found as albums, and more detailed information on each cultivar can be found on our Facebook Page.

We have also featured a mix of posts, including a series featuring Landscape Images from our Display Garden, as well as special offers, discounts, notifications, events, and much more; these are still available for viewing as well.

As the season has progressed, we have enjoyed greeting our returning customers, who trust us to provide them with not only healthy plants, but with distinctive cultivars as well; daylilies not commonly found locally, or often hard to find nationwide.  Additionally, we've been delighted in meeting and greeting new guests to our Nursery & Display Garden as well.

Our Gift Shoppe is currently closed for the season, but we are in transition to post many of the items we have available, as featured for sale on our Group Page.   Here is a direct link to that closed group if you wish to join: The Gift Shoppe @ Lasting Dreams

Our complementing business " Lasting Dreams Designs", contains items we design and feature at our Etsy Shop; as we approach Winter, we will be adding new products to the store, including seasonal items.  Here is a direct link to that site:  Etsy - LastingDreamsDesigns

Our 2024 Catalog is also available using the link above, and is in a PDF format for easy viewing or download, and supersedes all previous editions.

      As a reminder, Gift Certificates are available year round as well.               

The best way to contact us during the season,                                         or to schedule an appointment is by:                                                    Email - LastingDreams@verizon.net, or by Phone (716) 648-4920.


New Policy Update - Now In Effect

We no longer allow Commercial or Amateur Photography of any kind on the property; guests are allowed personal photography to capture memories of their visit, or to categorize flowers which capture their attention.  In all cases, photography of other guests is not allowed without their express permission, and any publication of photos taken here, must credit "Lasting Dreams Daylilies", as the venue or location.

*****************************************************************                                                                                              Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to view the newest news, photos, and updates.                                  

Please visit our Facebook Page.  We encourage you to like, comment on, and share our posts as it greatly helps our outreach to the Facebook Community.


In addition to some new and exciting items in the Gift Shoppe, we've been busy with some tweaks and changes to the Display Garden, so every year we try to make it a fresh experience for customers and guests.  Remember, we are now a 'Private Display Garden', and unless you are attending one of our special events or functions, everyone must schedule a visit to tour the grounds.

We continue to feature items and special sale opportunities through our Facebook Group Page, and here is a link if you wish to join and participate:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/270133113983147/

In all cases where pickup is preferred over shipping, we can offer limited or no contact pickup options, and give you essentially curbside service.  If needed you can always contact us by Phone:  (716) 648-4920, by E-Mail:  LastingDreams@verizon.net, or message us through Facebook. 

If you're looking to shop but don't know where to start, may we suggest viewing our 2024 Catalog Image Albums on our main Facebook Page; it's simply the best way to enjoy the beauty of the daylilies without actually being here.  Make a list of those that catch your eye, and then download our 2024 Catalog posted above; 69 pages packed with information to assist you in narrowing your search; you'll be well prepared for when you visit in person.  And you can access those albums quickly by using the "Catalog Photos A-Z" link at the top of this page as well.

For 2024, we have no special health protocols in place or required, as Garden Visitors are our personal guests on private property.  We trust in the good judgement of each individual to take whatever steps they need personally, so that their visit is a pleasant experience. 

        The only requirement is that entire property is a smoke free / vaping free environment.


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Lasting Dreams Daylilies - Distinctive Cultivars, Specials, & Auctions

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Posted at the top is a link to our 2024 Catalog with current pricing, and this replaces all previous versions.  Some insight on our listings; unless specified differently, all prices are for a Blooming Size Double Fan (two individual plants), "DISP" are cultivars which have not increased to a quantity where they are available for sale.  We do not assign a price unless we have a minimum of 5 fans available, and sometimes Display plants have increased to a point where there is enough of that cultivar to sell; although we strive to keep track as the season unfolds, always feel free to contact us in either instance to confirm availability.

We grow a number of Seedling Cultivars from various hybridizers, and these are normally a way to obtain plant genetics for hybridizing, and are one of a kind.  For those available for sale, you will see "ASK", which means that pricing varies and is determined on availability and plant habit, as each one is unique and unavailable elsewhere.

Because of our commitment to providing top quality plants to our customers, even if listed with a price, we reserve the right to hold back for sale any cultivar for any reason.

When bloom season begins, we will announce each season as it starts, and everyone is welcome to visit as often as they wish to enjoy the gardens as they unfold with color throughout the Summer.

Our 2024 Catalog Images are available on our Facebook page, and if you scroll to the top of this page, click on Catalog Photo Images, you will be directly linked to those albums.  We will have over 2000 images in total, all listed in alphabetical order, and can give you some idea of what you can look forward to when you visit, or help you select a cultivar if you wish to purchase now.


We wish to thank all our customers, visitors, and Facebook followers who have supported us over the years. Our continuing goal to provide a "Daylily Centric" Display Garden for folks to enjoy, with the opportunity for education and acquisition, or to just simply immerse yourself in our collection of living art; this would not be possible without our dedicated shoppers/collectors, and the referrals they provide for us.

We are so excited and are already looking forward to next season, as we continue to share in the beauty and the living art of daylilies; providing our visitors, customers, and guests with the largest daylily selection in the Buffalo/Niagara Region for all to enjoy.

What we recommend is that you like and follow us on Facebook, as that is the site where we can communicate with the largest group of people, and we always keep everyone apprised when bloom season begins, and at all seven bloom points during the year...especially Peak Bloom.

Gift Certificates are available for purchase year round, and are available here in paper form, by mail, or by e-mail where you can print it yourself, and make great gifts for that special gardener on holidays, birthdays, or any other occasion.  Also if you are a professional in a field and looking for that perfect gift for a client or associate, a Gift Certificate allows them an opportunity to pick a special daylily which they will always enjoy and associate with you; of course we also can provide a potted daylily for presentation as well.  Our certificates are available in any denomination, never expire, and are also available for purchases of items from our Gift Shoppe.

We're already planning for the 2024 Garden Season, and our looking to build on the opportunities we made available to our guests, and especially for our repeat customers and Facebook followers.  If you want to be one of the first to learn of these opportunities and events, you need to follow us on Facebook, as that will be the primary platform we will use to promote what's happening throughout the year, offering deals not found elsewhere.

If you want a preview of what's in store when you visit, we have albums posted of daylily images taken here at our garden, and these can be currently found on our Facebook page, and the albums are by alphabetical order.   Just click the "Photo" tab on our Facebook Page, or by clicking this link "2024 Daylily Albums", and you want to view the albums which are titled "2024 Catalog Images", which are in alphabetical order.

We are featuring over 2000 AHS Registered cultivars for you to enjoy this season, and it is always been our goal to present our visitors in particular, and the community as a whole with a destination garden experience; where we can feature our unique Gallery Of Garden Artistry for all to enjoy.  We are pleased and honored to feature the works of over 325 Hybridizers spanning 79 years of dedication and creativity. 

When planning for next season, remember we always recommend at least three visits a year: June through Early July for the Early Blooms, July to Mid August for Mid-season Blooms, and Mid August through the end of August for Late Blooms and Rebloom.  We will post as the Bloom Seasons change, and if you are limited to just one event, don't miss Peak Bloom Season during July; of course you are always welcome to attend as many events as you like, and are encouraged to share your experience with a friend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            **************************************************************************************


We are currently scheduling 2024/2025/2026 speaking engagements for Garden Clubs and other groups.  We can either come to your venue, we can host you here in the gardens, or a combination of both.  We offer a varied selection of program which can accommodate the need of your organization; contact us for details, openings are limited and can fill quickly.

Club or Group speaking engagements scheduled for Spring, Fall, or Winter 2024 will be Powerpoint Presentations, and those are available year round at your venue; openings are currently available.

We will resume hosting events here at our Nursery & Display Garden in Late Spring 2024.  As a reminder, dates during Peak Bloom Season tend to fill up fast;     lock in your preferred date soon !!!



Looking for something different for your monthly meeting, we are able to host your group in our outdoor setting.  You provide your regular amenities, we provide tables and seating.  After a short welcome or presentation to your group by us, you continue with your scheduled meeting and program; and afterward your members are welcome to enjoy the gardens, ask us questions, or shop if they wish;                                           in some instances, fees may apply.


Our Country Farm Garden is located in Orchard Park, New York,  and is adjacent to US Route 219, a Scenic Byway and easily accessible by major highways.  Our five acre property is easy walking for all ages,                                               and we can accommodate parking for any type of vehicle from bicycle to bus. Groups are welcome with advance notice.

For 2024 we are featuring over 2000 AHS cultivars and hundreds of seedlings.                                                                      We are a NYS licensed and inspected nursery, also featuring a gift shoppe.                                                                                         

   If you have visited us in the past, and still have your catalog marked with your favorites that were only on display, it is likely that your wait is over since we are making hundreds more display plants available for sale.  If you have had your eye on that special daylily, contact us soon so we can make arrangements to hold that plant on "layaway", since on many, quantities will be limited.  The same holds for new customers viewing our current catalog.  If you see any flower marked with a "DISP", contact us as to availability and price, as we may have those cultivars available later in the season.

  As always, we appreciate your patience, as the website is always a work in progress.  And also remember, we love to share our passion and knowledge; please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.


We are Members of: 
             - Canadian Hemerocallis Society
             - American Hemerocallis Society / American Daylily Society
  - New York Farm Bureau
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